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Increase your liquidity from the value of your art collection
No extensive bank checks and inquiries
Flexible terms, interest rates from 6,5 % p.a.
Liability is strictly restricted to the artworks
Ideal loan size 2 - 15 Mio. € and less
Inquiries and valuations remain free of charge
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Our non-recourse-loans use your works of art as only collateral. This means that your works of art solely guarantee the loan. No further credit checks are necessary, nor will we forward any personal data to third parties. There is no personal liability. The borrower must be the legitimate owner of the work of art which he borrows against and must be able to provide proof of identity.

The valuation is carried out by an independent external assessor. No staff from auction houses nor art dealers are involved. The work of art is given a conservative estimate and it is possible to borrow against it up to 50 % of its value (loan-to-value/ LTV).

The artworks will be stored under the name of our financing partners in a specialist art storage facility situated in all major cities. At the request of the customer the warehouse can be situated nearby, furthermore the borrower may be granted access to his works of art (e.g. for a sale). However, the work of art is not to be removed.

The term of the loan is flexible. Interest rates start from 6,5 % per annum. In the event that the customer exceeds the term, the loan agreement can be extended at the same terms and conditions upon request. At the end of the term and once the loan including accrued interest has been repaid, the work of art will be handed back. The customer shall not incur any further costs over and above the interest. We shall bear all costs of valuation, examination, storage and insurance while at the storage facility, while the customer arranges transport to an art storage facility of his or her choice. Naturally, inquiries and valuations remain free of charge, even if the loan agreement is not concluded.

Thomas González has built a powerful network of institutional and private finance partners who are not present in the art market. Like many customers, they trust Thomas González and his experience. Our ideal loan size is 2 – 8 Mio. €. Smaller amounts are also possible.

In the event that the loan agreement is not extended or the loan is not repaid in due course, the work of will be released for public auction earliest at the end of a month. Alternatively, the work of art can also be sold by private sale, if the borrower agrees to it. In the event that additional proceeds are generated at the auction after deducting all costs (loan, accrued interest and auction fees), these will be paid out to the customer. It is also in our own interest to achieve maximum sales returns. We follow the German Pawn Lending Law that does not allow loan-to-own conditions. With deficient proceeds, the customer shall not bear any personal liability, only the collateral work of art is liable.

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About us

Since 2009 Thomas González has been committing himself to his art loan business and has established a network of financial partners, successfully brokering art loans worth tens of millions of Euros.

Before, Thomas González studied history of art (M.A., University) in Würzburg and Frankfurt am Main. From 1996 onwards, he was in charge of sales at within Germany and Europe.

Thomas González also worked for Dorotheum auction house in Vienna for two years. From 2002-2009, he traded in art himself.

In 1999, his first book “Kunst-Investment” was published by the scientific Gabler Verlag. Subsequently, González wrote numerous articles on the subject of the art market and investment in art in the financial press and art publications. His second book “Kunst Investment Guide” followed in 2001, in which the 101 most important artists of the modern age were analysed with regard to their market value.

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