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  • What kind of assets are you accepting to lend against?
    Only works by established, internationally known artists traded on the secondary market will be considered.
  • What are the advantages of your art loans compared to a traditional bank loan?
    Our loans are characterized by flexibility and a variable term. You will receive liquidity without the usual credit checks. Your works of art solely guarantee the loan (non recourse). There is no personal liability.
  • Which conditions must be met in order to grant a loan?
    The borrower must be the owner of the work of art and be able to provide proof of identity. Once the authenticity and value of a work of art has been verified and the borrower has been established as its legitimate owner, the loan can be granted shortly.
  • How long does it take to arrange a loan?
    How quickly the loan can be paid out depends mainly on how promptly the necessary documents and evidence is produced needed to value and examine the work of art. The whole process until payout usually takes 2-3 weeks.
  • Which fees and costs will I incur?
    Depending on the value of the loan and on the quality of the asset our interest rates start from 9,5 % p.a., which is considerably less than rates offered in other financing deals. The interest rate is set at the start of the term of the loan and there are no additional costs for evaluation, insurance and storage.
  • Who owns work of art during the credit period?
    The work of art mains your property during the entire credit period. Your credit agreement serves as proof of ownership.
  • How much will I be able to borrow against my works of art?
    Generally, we will lend 30 – 50 % of the market value of the collateral work of art (loan-to-value/ LTV).
  • Who is liable for the loan?
    The work of art is exclusively used as collateral. You will not personally be held liable.
  • What happens if I cannot pay back the loan?
    We would be able to put up your asset for public auction no earlier than four weeks after the term ended. As a general rule, however, it takes 3 to 6 months until the auction, giving you more leeway to redeem the work of art. You are entitled to any surplus remaining after the fees of the auction, the amount borrowed and the accrued interest has been deducted from the auction proceeds. Alternatively, the work of art can also be sold by private sale if the borrower agrees to it.
  • What happens if the loan and the costs incurred are not fully covered by the auction proceeds?
    This is the risk the lender takes.
  • Where will my works of art be kept during the term of the loan?
    Your works of art will be stored in one of our specialist art storage facilities mainly in Germany and Switzerland but also in London. You are always entitled to have access to the works of art.
  • Will my works of art be insured during the term of the loan?
    Throughout the term of the loan your works of art will be insured at twice the loan value. The insurance covers the items right from the time of collection, during storage until the final handover. Our insurance cover is “wall to wall”.
  • Can I repay the loan before the end of the term?
    Against payment of a low prepayment penalty, you can repay your loan at any time.
  • Will I get any money from the sale?
    You will be entitled to any additional proceeds generated at the auction. After deducting all costs, i.e. the loan, accrued interest and auction fees, these profits will be paid out to the borrower. You do not have to worry about your personal assets, should the auction proceeds not cover the loan amount and accrued costs. The borrower does not bear any personal liability, only the collateral work of art is liable.
  • How will my personal Data be handled?
    We deal with your loan very personally and maintain the highest standards of confidentiality. We will neither ask for information or bankers’ reference , nor will we forward personal data to third parties.
  • Where can I get an art loan?
    We offer our services worldwide, no matter where the customer is based. However, the artworks have to be stored either in Germany or Switzerland.
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